JYE-700 (Electrode Coating M/C)

JYE-700 Type Coating 설비는 양극재, 음극재 등 2차전지 핵심 소재를 코팅하는 Electrode 단계에 사용되는 장비입니다.

Ceramic, Ferrite, Varistor, Carbon Material 등을 Green Sheet로 성형하기 위해 사용되기도 합니다.

본 설비는 진용엔지니어링의 축적된 기술로 탄생했으며 설계, 제작 등 100% 자체 기술로 제작됩니다.

The JYE-700 Type Coating Machine stands at the forefront of electrode coating technology, skillfully engineered for the application of Anode and Cathode materials in battery production. Beyond its pivotal role in energy storage, this versatile equipment excels in fabricating high-quality Green Sheets from an array of materials including Ceramics, Ferrite, Varistors, and Carbon.

Crafted from the ground up with JYE's proprietary technology, this machine is a testament to our longstanding commitment to innovation and excellence in engineering. With over 300 units successfully deployed both domestically and internationally, the JYE-700 has solidified its reputation as a trusted solution among leading companies in the field.


Material Web Material PET Film / AL Foil / Cu etc.
Web Thickness Min 20㎛ ~ Max 100㎛
Web Width Min 200㎜ ~ Max 1,000㎜
Coating System Coating Roll Width 1,200mm(Max)
Coating Thickness Min 10㎛ ~ 1000㎛
Coating Speed Max 30m/min
Coating Type Side dam / Slot Die / Gravure / Micro Gravure / Deeping
Dry Zone Dry Type Hot Air / Nozzle Type / Flating Type
Dry Zone 2M Length / Section Control Type
Control Type Temperature / Wind Volume (Input & output) / Waste Heat Reuse / Automatic Adjustment
Re-Winder Un-Rewind Diameter Ø400㎜ / Ø600㎜
System 1 Auto Tension & EPC Control
System 2 Side Cutting System



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