JYF-700 (ODF Film Coating M/C)

JYF-700 Type Coating 설비는 의약품/영양제 등을 녹여먹는 필름 형태로 만들기 위한 설비입니다.

필름형태 의약품/영양제는 보관 및 휴대가 간편하도록 PET Film위에 재료를 코팅하여 열처리, 냉동 후 필름과 분리시켜 완성합니다.

또는 포장지 위에 곧바로 용액 코팅 후, 윗포장지를 라미네이팅 후 슬릿팅 하여 패키징까지 갖춘 완전 자동화 시스템을 제공합니다

The JYF-700 Type Coating Equipment is expertly designed for the production of edible film products, specifically tailored for vitamins and medicinal applications. This state-of-the-art system applies a precise coating onto PET film, which, after undergoing a meticulous process of heat treatment and freezing, allows the coated material to be seamlessly detached from the film. Subsequently, the product is cut into predefined shapes and sizes, facilitating effortless transportation and storage

In addition to its core capabilities, our equipment offers a fully automated production line solution. This includes direct coating onto the packaging material, lamination with an upper layer of wrapping paper, precise slitting, and subsequent packaging, thereby streamlining the manufacturing process and enhancing operational efficiency.


Material Web Material PET Film etc.
Web Thickness Min 20㎛ ~ Max 200㎛
Web Width Min 200㎜ ~ Max 1,000㎜
Coating System Coating Roll Width 1,200mm(Max)
Coating Thickness Min 20㎛ ~ 300㎛
Coating Speed Max 30m/min
Coating Type Side dam / Roll to Roll / Gravure
Dry Zone Dry Type Hot Air / Nozzle Type / Flating Type
Dry Zone 2M Length / Section Control Type
Control Type Temperature / Wind Volume (Input & output) / Waste Heat Reuse / Automatic Adjustment
Freezer Control Temp -18℃ / Length 8.0m
Re-Winder Un-Rewind Diameter Ø400㎜ / Ø600㎜
System 1 Auto Tension & EPC Control
System 2 Side Cutting System



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