JYL-700 (Coating & Laminating M/C)

JYL-700 Type Coating 설비는 원료를 Film 등에 코팅 및 건조한 후 Laminating기술을 접합한 설비입니다.

본 설비는 마스크팩, 코팩, 신체 패치 등 미용 용품을 생산하기 위해 사용됩니다.

특히 K-beauty의 대표 상품인 마스크팩의 폭발적 수요 증가와 더불어 JYL-700 설비의 수요도 크게 늘고있습니다.

The JYL-700 Type Coating Equipment represents a fusion of advanced coating and laminating technologies. This innovative system is specifically designed for the production of beauty essentials, including mask packs, nose packs, and skin patches, catering to the intricate needs of the beauty industry.

With the global surge in popularity of K-Beauty and its flagship products like mask packs, the JYL-700 has experienced a significant increase in demand. Its ability to efficiently produce high-quality beauty treatments positions it as a vital asset in the beauty product manufacturing sector.


Material Web Material PET Film / Non Woven Fabric
Web Thickness Min 20㎛ ~ Max 100㎛
Web Width Min 200㎜ ~ Max 600㎜
Coating System Coating Roll Width 700mm(Max)
Coating Thickness Min 10㎛ ~ 200㎛
Coating Speed Max 30m/min
Coating Type Side dam Roll to Roll
Dry Zone Dry Type Hot Air / Nozzle Type / Flating Type
Dry Zone 2M Length / Section Control Type
Control Type Temperature / Wind Volume (Input & output) / Waste Heat Reuse / Automatic Adjustment
Laminating Web Material Non Woven Fabric
Web Width Max 600㎜
Control Type Temperature / Wind Volume (Input & Output)
Waste Heat Reuse / Automatic Adjustment
Re-Winder Un-Rewind Diameter Ø400㎜ / Ø600㎜
System 1 Auto Tension & EPC Control
System 2 Side Cutting System



Mask pack | Facial Pack | Nose Pack | Skin patch